Republic of North Macedonia


Dragi Semenpeev- Cape, the owner of the printing company “Sofija” from Bogdanci, whose family is deeply involved with art, having the assistance of professional graphic artists, founded the Graphic Workshop “Sofija”


The workshop started in 2008.


Apart from love towards art, his basic motivation was the desire to set up both a location and opportunities for young, talented graphic artists to create together with well-known, respectable ones and exchange and share their mutual experiences and ideas.


The Graphic Workshop “Sofija” is of international character and one of a kind in Macedonia. It is open throughout the year, while its main session takes place during the last week in August and the first week of September.

The workshop framework is set up by its Council whose members are: Kostadin Tancev – Dinka as its Chairman, and Viktor Semenpeev, Danco Kal’cev, Janko Temelkov and Dragi Semenpeev as its members.


Viktor Semenpeev is in charge of the Workshop activities. Many young graphic artists and students in their senior year or MA studies at the Graphic Art Departments from Art Colleges are delegated by their faculties as representatives.


The Workshop has been attended by artists from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland and Macedonia.


The main session of the Workshop ends on the first Friday in September with a farewell evening and an exhibition of the Workshop creations.


On its third year, the Graphic Workshop chooses the best creations from the previous three years and organizes exhibitions outside our home town.

The Workshop comprises all classical graphic techniques:


High Stamp

Deep stamp

Flat stamp

Felt finish

The creative and educational part is mentored by well-known graphic artists, and university professors from Macedonia and abroad.